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We are an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of SASeBATH System.

SASeBath is a Portable Disinfectant Fogging Machine The system is integrated with Fog Disinfectant. The System is Portable and generates Fog to disenfect object. The Fog is generated using Piezoelectric Diffusion, it has Face detection and Non-Contact Temperature detection facility for identity recognition.

When Person enters the chamber he has to scan the QR code. Once the QR Code identity is established the FOG starts dispensing from Top & Bottom outlets. This system us completely portable and can be transfered from one place to another. The disinfection happens with the latest recommended process and the technology temp and with proper chamber internal control parameters. Uses PIZ diffuse effect to create the fog of sanitizer to avoid wetness created by sprinkler sanitizers.

1) Image Processing
2) Mask Detection
3) Fumigation through recomended solutions
4) Body Temperature Measurement
5) Shoes Disenfection through UV Light
6) Hand Sanitization
7) Gatepass Generation

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SAPL has a team of industrial experts who served for all industrial sectors more than 15 years. We are the players in execution of Projects in Power Plant, Steel Plant, Cement Plant, Chem-Pharma, Sugar , Energy , Water Management & most of the Automotive Sector.

Our Products

  • OEE – Overall Equipment Effieciency
  • Analytical Software Dashboard
  • Report Generation

We also offer Consulting Services for Engineering & Project Management from concept to commissioning for Automation of Process Plants.

We also have a professional set-up for Control Panel design, manufacture and testing of all types of Control Panels.

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Our Commitment
With Our Strong Technical Background You Can Trust Us with Total Turnkey Projects to be Executed in Your Areas of Operations.