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Authorized Channel Partner

We are an Authorized Channel Partner of HITACHI.

HITACHI is actively involved in power generation systems using renewable forms of energy with the potential to be important sources of energy in the future. Hitachi not only supplies highly efficient equipments, it can also draw on the comprehensive capabilities of Hitachi to handle all aspects of megasolar power systems, from financing through to operation and maintenance. These capabilities include its power system technologies and system integration know-how built up over many years. In the field of wind power generation, Hitachi supplies drives that help achieve a high level of generation efficiency.

Drives & Automation:

Medium Voltage Drives 
Low Voltage Drives & Automation

UMPS (Uninterrupted Motive Power Supply)
iDip (Dip Ride Through Solution)

   Medium Voltage Drives

We, SAS Automation offer HIVECTOLHVI-E Series Medium Voltage VFD – Multi Level IGBT Drives up to 14.7mVA, voltage range 3.3kv,6.6kv and 11kv.
Today we offer our Customers the Most Appropriate Digital Technology, in AC Drives / AC Adjustable Speed Drive, tailored to their specific application requirements. Pune based our local Facility ensures Long Term Technical Services and Spares Support. Local manufacturing will help Indian Customers to avail best in class product with Long Term Commitment of Spares and Services. This will also help customer to carry out FAT and train their maintenance engineers.

   Low Voltage Drives & Automation

SJ700 Series Low Voltage Inverter

• Powerful and Compact Inverter
• 415 V Class
• From 0.75 kW to 450 kW
• Designed to meet the production and performance needs of OEMs and machine builders, system integrators, panel builders and end users
• Many standard features and capabilities and can be augmented with various communications and I/O options
• Can be easily configured to meet the requirements of wide-range of applications across various industry segments


   UMPS (Uninterrupted Motive Power Supply)

We, SAS Automation, offer a unique solution called UMPS (Uninterrupted Motive Power Supply) which carries out the function of providing power to load in case of blackout while at the same time does not require to be oversized in its rating. This is also an energy efficient solution as compared to conventional UPS. Hitachi Hi-Rel Power Electronics offers UMPS having range available up to 1500 kW, 50/60 Hz, LT or HT Voltages.

Uninterrupted Motive Power Supply (UMPS) is the most reliable concept of providing Uninterrupted Power Backup to 3ph motor loads. In case of normal power availability, the UMPS continues to give on-line 3ph power to critical motor loads with double conversion of power (the output frequency/speed remains constant irrespective of input voltage or frequency variations) and the batteries are also charged. In case of power failure, the charged battery continues to feed the motor through controlled inverter without any interruption to the load. The backup time is decided by the load and AH capacity of the battery.


   iDip (Dip Ride Through Solution)

We, SAS Automation Pvt. Ltd., offer iDip to maintain VFD DC voltage during input voltage fluctuation, even if all three phases reduce or any one phase voltage reduces up to 50% for 2 seconds duration. iDip is usually a standby source. It gets active as and when there is voltage fluctuation.

No motor rpm loss during 50% line voltage dip or single phase missing for 2 seconds. When operated through inverter, power dip causes reduction in motor rpm.

iDip supports the inverter in maintaining DC bus voltage and motor rpm during power dip conditions. There will be no change in the speed of the running motor.

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