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 koenig-pa GmbH – The EtherCAT Specialist koenig-pa GmbH provides cost-effective, high quality automation technologies and integrated solutions for Industrial Process Control and Factory Automation worldwide.


In the beginning of 1990s the company’s mission was extended to development and commissioning of Process Control and Automation Systems. These days many hundreds of Atotech lines all over the world are utilizing our SCADA system called fastCenter. In 2004 koenig-pa GmbH joined EtherCAT Technology Group (ETG) and since then the company has been providing products and services related to automation systems and solutions based on EtherCAT technology. As one of the leading EtherCAT┬« specialists in 2013 koenig-pa GmbH added motion products and services for various real-time systems to its range of products.  

KPA EtherCAT Master 
KPA EtherCAT Studio 
KPA EtherCAT Slave Stack 

Motion Control 
KPA KPA Motion Applications 

KPA Automation 
KPA Automation Studio 
KPA Automation Control KPA Automation 
KPA Automation Studio 
KPA Automation Control 
KPA Automation View


SAPL has a team of industrial experts who served for all industrial sectors more than 15 years. We are the players in execution of Projects in Power Plant, Steel Plant, Cement Plant, Chem-Pharma, Sugar , Energy , Water Management & most of the Automotive Sector.


Our Products

  • OEE - Overall Equipment Effieciency
  • Analytical Software Dashboard
  • Report Generation


We also offer Consulting Services for Engineering & Project Management from concept to commissioning for Automation of Process Plants.

We also have a professional set-up for Control Panel design, manufacture and testing of all types of Control Panels.




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